Rules is created with the aim that everyone can participate in and discuss theshared links. To ensure that this runs smoothly, a number of rules have been attached to the website. We expect our members to respect and comply with these rules. In this way, the site will be experienced pleasant for everyone.

1. It is intended that there is neat conversation with each other. A person is not supposed to be offended during a discussion. It is also important that the responses are in English.The comments in another language will be deleted. Finally, paragraphs (white lines) are only used when they are really necessary. Unnecessary and excessive use of white lines, means that your comment will be removed. Stick to a normal writing style, we do not think writing with the CAPS key is necessary.

2. As briefly mentioned earlier, there is no place for insults on We also do not appreciate discrimination or other criminal behavior. In addition, it is not allowed to post the same reaction / text under different messages. Furthermore, it is not allowed to mention Names and Address details in the responses. If you do, the comment will be deleted.

3. The idea is, that the comment you post is as close as possible to the context of the message. You should be able to make a brief indentation now and then to something else, but if this gets out of hand, the discussion will closed.

4. You are not supposed to copy and paste large chunks of text from other websites into the comment. You should not do this due to copyright infringement. Second, this does not contribute to the readability of the discussion. It is better to place a link to that text.

5. Do not use a double account, as this will result in a ban.

6. When removing comments, the editors are not obliged to account for this. If your comment has been removed by the editors, you are not supposed to complain about it in the comment fields. Instead, you can email the editors, [email protected] We are happy to explain our reasons for deletion to you.

7. When an account is closed, the editors will not respond to requests to delete posts or comments.

8. As a user of you can help to keep it a pleasant place where discussions are held. If you believe that comments are being made that conflict with how people should interact with each other, you can report this. If you think that a message does not meet the correct values of you can report the message. Click on the flag at the top right of the message to do this.

9. If you have been banned, please contact the editors. You are not supposed to start a new or multiple accounts after a ban. These accounts will also be deleted.

10. There are also a number of rules for posting links. It is recommended to use the title and first paragraph of the original link. You can be the first to post your opinion about the link below the item you just posted.

11. Comments about the way operates, about our policy, can be removed. If you want to say something about this, we prefer to have the discussion with you via email. Mail us to [email protected]

12. When you refer to something in your message, this must be correct. If this does not match the actual referral you are making, the message will be deleted.

13. It is not the intention that you place advertising, is not intended for this. If you would like to advertise on, email the editors at [email protected]

14. Promotional messages that refer to charities, petitions or gambling sites (and all others that fall below) will also be removed.

15. So far it has been considered that comments should not be discriminatory or offensive. Just like the comments on, the links you post must also be non-discriminatory, insulting or punishable. The editors can always, without having to justify themselves, adjust or even delete a link.

These are the fifteen basic rules that apply to our website. We expect our members to respect and comply with them. In this way, everyone contributes to the success of!

Our rules were last changed on November 3th, 2020.