linqur button

Let visitors share your content on linqur.

<!-- Place this tag where you want the linqur button to appear. -->
<linqur-button class="lnqr"><a class="share" href=""></a></linqur-button>

<!-- Place this tag just before the </body> tag at the bottom of the page or right after the last linqur button. -->
<script src=""></script>

data-url: optional
data-title: optional

<linqur-button class="lnqr" data-url="{content url}" data-title="{content title}"><a class="share" href=""> Linqur</a></linqur-button>

For advanced webmasters:

You can create the linqur share-link yourself by including the following piece of HTML code in your page:

<a href="" target="blank">Comment</a>